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Finalrentals Story in Azerbaijan 

Come Travel Through Azerbaijan with Finalrentals

Azerbaijan boasts a rich history and a unique geographical location between the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains that span Asia and Europe. The capital city, Baku, is a sight to behold with its medieval walled Inner City, which houses the stunning Palace of the Shirvanshahs and the impressive centuries-old stone Maiden Tower that dominates the city skyline.

Where It All Started

Just like the country being known as the land of fire, our story embarked on a firey journey into Azerbaijan, when Finalrentals secured a partnership with one of the fastest-growing local car rental groups, led by a seasoned car rental industry expert.

A Firey Culture

Azerbaijan has gifted numerous great thinkers, poets, scientists, and cultural treauses. The people of Azerbaijan have upheld their ancient musical traditions with immense pride, and the widely celebrated Mugams compositions serve as a testament to their love for music.

Baku is home to Azerbaijan's cultural institutions, including museums, theatres, and public libraries, where art and knowledge unite to inspire generations. The opera and ballet performances draw large crowds of enthusiasts, and the country's composers have earned international recognition for their remarkable work.

Despite having no private publishing industry, Azerbaijan's government-run companies publish books and magazines on various subjects in Azerbaijani, Russian, and other languages, making knowledge accessible to all.

Exploring of Cuisines

Azerbaijan's cuisine is a vibrant celebration of diverse dishes and ingredients shaped by centuries of cultural influences. With nine climatic zones, the country's fresh produce is abundant, including peaches, pomegranates, apples, figs, saffron, and sweet peppers. The meat and dairy products are sourced from sheep and cattle raised on the steppe, while the vast grasslands and rice belts provide the grains. Additionally, fresh seafood from the Caspian Sea adds to the richness of its cuisine.

The capital city of Baku is a melting pot of Azerbaijan's food traditions. The restored caravanserais that house trendy restaurants reflect the fusion of flavors and styles. When you venture out to the regions, you will discover a world of dishes served in copper and clay bowls, steeped in tradition. From cured meats in the mountains to seafood on the coast, Azerbaijan's diverse food culture is an inspiration to experience.

Fiery Attractions

As mentioned earlier, Azerbaijan is a truly unique country that boasts many wonders. From its title as the Land of Fire to its numerous mud volcanoes and the world's first private Museum of Miniature Books, Azerbaijan is a nation that has much to offer. Its history and culture are rich and fascinating, and there is no doubt that this country can inspire anyone who takes the time to learn about it.

At Finalrentals, we pride ourselves on making your journey to Azerbaijan a genuinely inspiring experience. Our carefully curated list of attractions is designed to help you discover the beauty and majesty of this fascinating country. From the stunning low-lying city of Baku with its medieval walled old city to the breathtaking natural wonders of Astara, we offer an unforgettable adventure that will leave you with a lifetime of memories. With our recommendations for hidden gems like Ganja, Sheki, Quba, and Xinaliq, you'll experience the unique flavor of Azerbaijan's rich cultural heritage.

What We Can Do 

At Finalrentals, we are committed to making renting a car a seamless and stress-free experience for you. We stand by our promise to eliminate the intermediary and reduce hidden fees so you can easily travel. Renting and traveling should be an enjoyable and memorable experience for all our customers. So, join us on this expedition towards hassle-free car rentals and unforgettable journeys.