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Our Azerbaijani Story:

Finalrentals journey to Azerbaijan


Finalrentals was created to eliminate middlemen, reduce unnecessary hidden fees, and make travelling and renting a car in another country as simple as 1-2-3. We’ve been rapidly expanding into new markets, and when we met businesswoman Jamila Rahimova, we knew she had to join our growing team.

The Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, which span Asia and Europe, surround Azerbaijan, the nation and former Soviet republic. Baku, its capital, is famous for its mediaeval-fortified Inner City. The Palace of the Shirvanshahs, a 15th-century royal retreat, and the centuries-old stone Maiden Tower, which dominates the city skyline, are located within the Inner City.

The partnership has been secured by one of the fastest-growing local car rental groups, led by Jamila Rahimova, a seasoned car rental industry expert in Azerbaijan, according to the company.

“Finalrentals is proud to present Azerbaijan into our ever-growing global network, and I am so pleased to bring Azerbaijan’s historical and warm culture and beautiful locations across the country, especially Baku, to the large userbase of Finalrentals,” said Ammar Akhtar, founder and CEO of Finalrentals. “I am excited to see the flag of Azerbaijan into our network, which is great news starting the new year 2023, and I am sure our users will be equally excited.”

“With its remarkable network of locations and ever-growing footprint across the globe, we are excited and really honoured to bring Finalrentals to Azerbaijan and really looking forward to serving the travellers coming to our beautiful country; wonderful service and customer experience is the heart and soul of our business, and we are looking forward to spreading this happiness to the customers of Finalrentals coming to Azerbaijan,” said Jamila Rahimova, the project manager of Finalrentals partnership in Azerbaijan.

The partnership will operate across the nation, including Baku, with services to all major airports and city locations.

Finalrentals is a rapidly growing car rental partnership business based in Wales, United Kingdom.