Where to Visit in Azerbaijan

January 19th 2024 in Travel
Where to Visit in Azerbaijan

Where to Visit in Azerbaijan

Recommended Places for Azerbaijan

Heydar Aliyev Center

This awe-inspiring building, designed by the late Zaha Hadid, is a true masterpiece of modern architecture. Its fluid, abstract waves and peaks blend into a majestic and glorious statement. The exterior is a sight to behold, with intricate details and shapes creating movement and fluidity. From every angle, the building offers a unique experience worthy of photographing and admiring.

The building is equally impressive with its spacious interior and numerous exhibition spaces. The concert venues provide a unique setting for music performances, adding to the building’s diverse offerings. One of the highlights of the permanent collection is the ‘Treasures of Azerbaijan’ exhibit, which takes visitors on a journey through the nation’s rich cultural heritage, showcasing some of the most treasured artefacts of the region.

To get there, visitors can take advantage of the convenient bus routes. Buses 1 and 2 stop near the southeastern flank of the building, while bus 5 passes a block to the north of the main entrance near its western corner.

Maiden’s Tower

Standing tall at 29 meters, the ancient stone tower in Baku is a magnificent historical landmark that offers mesmerising panoramic views of Baku Bay and the Old City from its rooftop. Despite the tower’s age being a subject of much debate, it is widely believed to date back to ancient times, with the present structure dating back to the 12th century. The tower, locally known as Qız Qalası, which translates to “Maiden’s Tower” in English, has inspired numerous fictional stories and legends due to its intriguing name. The tower also houses several creative and imaginative multimedia exhibits on various floors that provide a glimpse into the rich history and culture of the region.

Alinja Castle

If you’re willing to climb over 1500 steps up a mountain crag, one of Naxçivan’s top attractions is the breathtaking view from the medieval ruins of Alinja Castle. It is sometimes referred to as Azerbaijan’s Machu Picchu. The historic walls have been partially rebuilt to outline how the site might have looked during its heyday in the 12th century. The site was fortified in the 1140s under a leader known as Eldegyz (Eldəniz) during Naxçivan’s most influential period. It was so secure that it managed to withstand a siege that lasted for 14 years, starting in 1386.

Apart from a mosque-like museum at the base, there are no complete buildings or shade at the site. Therefore, bring a parasol and plenty of water to drink. In the winter snow, climbing is not recommended. However, in the summer heat, the task can be exhausting. It’s best to climb early in the morning or a few hours before sunset, especially in early April or October.

Fountains Square

Nestled in the heart of Central Baku lies a picturesque piazza - a verdant square that beckons one to take a leisurely walk amidst nature’s bounty. Boasting a name that resonates with the very essence of its charm, the piazza, fondly referred to as “Fountains Square,” is home to an array of fountains, each with its unique personality. One fountain is adorned with shiny silvered spheres that capture the surrounding trees and stone facades in a magical, fish-eye effect.

If you’re a lover of literature, a visit to the Nizami Literature Museum is highly recommended. The museum’s exquisite facade, embellished with statues and intricate designs, is a sight to behold. The museum radiates an air of sophistication and refinement, making it a must-visit destination for art and culture enthusiasts. When illuminated, the facade looks incredibly stunning at night, creating an ethereal glow that’s perfect for capturing memorable photographs.

As you stroll along the streets of Baku, there’s one statue that’s sure to catch your eye. It’s a bronze statue of a young woman holding an umbrella and a mobile phone, with a bare midriff. The statue, located outside the giant McDonald’s, represents the modern Baku culture - a city rich in history yet unapologetically modern. It symbolises how the city has evolved over time, embracing new cultures while preserving its heritage.

Şəhidlər Xiyabanı

As you venture south of the Flame Towers, you’ll come across the breathtaking ‘Highland Park’ area, which boasts an array of impressive grave memorials. These memorials serve as a poignant reminder of the victims of the Red Army’s devastating 1990 attack and the brave martyrs who fell in the early days of the Karabakh conflict. As you wander further, you’ll see a grand monument that pays tribute to the brave Turkish soldiers who fought in World War I. However, you may also notice a controversial memorial for the British and Commonwealth troops who fought against them.

Standing beside the eternal flame, visitors can take in the awe-inspiring views of the bay, the city, and the Flame Towers. Apart from the remarkable vistas, you can also find a spacious panoramic cafe terrace nearby, where you can savour a cup of coffee while soaking in the stunning scenery. Whether you’re a history buff or simply a lover of beautiful views, the ‘Highland Park’ area is an absolute must-visit destination.